Leveraging technology to guarantee performance.

Employees, customers, friends and family, delivery personnel, contractors. Keeping track of workplace visitors is simple with cutting-edge security technology that delivers real-time insights.

Innovative. Future proof. Responsive.

At Vibrant Services, we harness the power of technology to create best-in-class security solutions. We partner with leading global security brands to supply and install premium products.

Our powerful mobile app supports superior performance, enhanced risk management and continuous improvement. Advanced GPS integration enables real-time tracking of security officers and automatic location of incidents.


Protect your business with flexible CCTV solutions that provide comprehensive coverage both inside and out.

Alarm systems

Keep your premises secure with the latest alarm system technology and tailored 24/7 alarm monitoring.

Access control

Enjoy better visibility, greater control and improved security with a customised access control system.

Mustering systems

Manage emergency evacuations efficiently with one-touch real-time visibility of everyone on site.

We stand ready

Perimeter detection, intercom systems, number plate recognition, emergency warning and communication systems, sophisticated data analysis. We are ready to protect your business with future-focused security technology.