From corporate buildings to banks and government organisations, there are many businesses that require professional security services, however, what you may not realise is that offices of any size can benefit from them too. Theft, fraud, and criminal behaviour can occur not only by outsiders but also by internal staff members, so it is vital that every business has measures in place to safeguard against the loss of money, property, and information. At Vibrant Services, our integrated security solutions combine people, technology, and a robust risk management approach to keep your business secure. Read on to discover the many benefits of having on-site security guards.

Crime Deterrent

Having professional security guards patrolling your premises is a perfect crime deterrent. Whether you want to protect assets, equipment, and staff, or minimise the likelihood of vandalism, the presence of security guards is a very strong deterrent for anyone looking to steal or deface property. Expert security personnel are constantly on the lookout for suspicious behaviour and are trained to act immediately if anything out of the ordinary is noticed. Depending on your needs, security guards can:

  • Control access to and exit from the premises
  • Monitor behaviour
  • Operate basic security equipment
  • Manage keys and access swipe cards
  • Operate intruder detection systems
  • Respond to calls for assistance and respond to alarms
  • Protect people in need using basic and legal defensive techniques

Improved Customer Service

Office security guards can also provide concierge or customer service to help provide a better experience to your customers and clients. The best corporate security guards will:

  • Communicate effectively and politely with visitors, customers, tenants, and site management
  • Provide advice and directions when needed
  • Assist after hours with phone calls, or visitor information
  • Go above and beyond to deliver great service

An on-site security presence is also important for offices that have customers or staff members arriving or late at night. Security guards can significantly enhance customer service for businesses by ensuring employees and visitors are always protected.

Rapid Responses

While alarms are a great security measure, an alarm will only protect your office if someone responds to it. An on-site security guard can provide a fast response to an alarm being triggered; they can then check and secure the premises quickly and effectively. This professional and prompt response allows operations to return to normal as soon as possible, minimising any downtime.

What Skills Do the Best Office Security Guards Have?

There are many security companies in Australia that claim to offer experienced guards who will provide a high level of service. However, the best security guards for your office will have:

  • Experience in a customer service focused security role
  • A passion for security and determination to provide next-level service
  • Excellent communication skills and professional presentation
  • The ability to think quickly, problem solve and remain calm under pressure
  • Excellent negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • The ability to apply sound emergency response principles

Hire Professional Office Security Guards Today

If you want to ensure your people, property and assets are protected, then get in touch with Vibrant Services today. We focus on delivering outstanding service solutions and have been providing corporate security services to Australian businesses since 2012. Our cloud-based enterprise resource planning software ensures that you have correctly licensed, vetted, and trained security officers on site at all times. If you are ready to hire professional security guards for your corporate building, commercial site or property, reach out to our team online today.