Many businesses and corporations spend a large portion of their security budget focusing on cyber threats such as malware and phishing, however, it’s vital that physical security is not neglected. There are many factors that pose a risk to corporate security, and without appropriate protection measures in place, a business can be left vulnerable. At Vibrant Security Services, we continually evolve our security solutions so that we meet the needs of every client now and into the future. 

Here we will explore some of the most common physical security risks that businesses face and the best ways to combat them.


One of the biggest risks that many businesses face is the threat of physical violence. Whether this is from an aggressive client or customer, an intruder breaking in, or an employee becoming violent. 

To mitigate this risk, it’s important that there are processes and procedures in place for dealing with threats of physical violence. These may include such things as:

  • having security guards on duty at vulnerable times of day or night.
  • evacuation or lockdown plans in case of an emergency.
  • staff training on how to deal with volatile situations and people.


Graffiti, smashed windows, damaged doors – there’s many forms of vandalism that can cause significant damage, expense, and downtime to a business. Whether it’s in the heart of the city or in a secluded commercial district, the risk of vandalism is a very real threat faced by businesses of all sizes on a daily basis. To reduce your premises becoming a target, you can:

  • invest in heavy duty security gates, doors, and shutters.
  • ensure a physical presence of on-site security guards after hours or on weekends.
  • install cameras to deter any potential vandals.

Document Theft

Any corporate office is susceptible to having classified, confidential or any other form of documents taken from desks and shelves. In some instances, if these documents fall into the wrong hands, it could pose a significant risk to a business and leave them liable for legal action. All businesses should have procedures in place for preventing document theft. These could include:

  • shredders readily accessible to destroy sensitive papers.
  • secure storage areas for important documents.
  • staff training on the importance of safely storing and disposing of paperwork.
  • concierge or security guards who can prevent unwanted visitors from entering workspaces.

Property Theft

Theft of company property continues to be a big concern for many corporations. From laptops to phones, stationery, stock, and tools, there are many expensive things that employees, customers, and trespassers like to acquire for themselves. To overcome this risk, there are a few simple things that can be done, including:

  • installation of security cameras.
  • an employee register for signing in/out of important items
  • professional security services and guards on patrol after hours to deter opportunistic thieves.

Unauthorised Visitors

Every company should be aware of any visitors on site at any particular time, without this information, it can be very difficult to maintain a high level of security. Keeping track of all visitors that enter the workplace is a vital part of risk management. Simple measures such as a visitor log, access control with swipe-card-access, and visitor passes can all be used to reduce the risk of unwanted guests lurking around the premises. 

By implementing and investing in a few simple security strategies, many risks that are faced on a daily basis can be significantly reduced. A combination of technology, security personnel and staff awareness about physical security is the most effective way to mitigate the vast array of physical security threats to any business.

How Vibrant Services Can Help

Providing a unique approach to security, we have been servicing clients across Australia since 2012. We aren’t just another security guard company; we partner with our clients to achieve their security goals through a combination of professional security services. Assessing, mitigating, and reporting are just some of the things we do to meet the needs of every client. Our staff are passionate about what they do and go above and beyond to provide outstanding service, drive change, and build open and honest relationships. Get in touch with us today to find out more.