4 Reasons You Should Opt For Unarmed Security Guards

4 Reasons You Should Opt For Unarmed Security Guards For Private Events

Wondering why unarmed security guards could be a better option for your next event? Well, you’ve landed on the right page to learn about it.

Ensuring security is becoming more and more important every day, and for that, hiring the best, trained, and licensed security guards is very important. You may require security guards for one of the following reasons: 

  • – You don’t want to put your business at any security risk.
  • – You may have faced any security risks in the near past.
  • – You have a surveillance system in place. 
  • – You have an event to secure, etc.

After making up your mind about hiring security guards, the next question arises, whether to choose armed or unarmed security guards. 

Well, that depends upon the nature of your business, event, etc. 

In case no need for lethal weapons is expected, then it will be a smart decision to pursue an unarmed force. Otherwise, you can choose the armed guards.

Well, for your understanding, we have compiled a list of reasons for you to understand why it is important to choose unarmed security guards instead of armed ones.

Unarmed security guards spread Positivity

Unarmed security guards are preferable over armed security guards for spreading positive energy across the vicinity. Can you picture a group of men strolling about in full black while brandishing a large gun? It will convey the wrong idea that your company is a terrorist base camp. Although it is not what they intended, it will undoubtedly scare the customers and people away. 

So, to avoid such an issue, you must choose unarmed guards. 

Unarmed security guards put your people at lesser Risk

There is always a chance that someone could be shot, even if armed security personnel is properly trained. Additionally, there is a chance that a criminal could seize the guard’s weapon and start shooting at your clients or employees. You will be held accountable as a business owner if a shooting results in someone being hurt or killed. Unarmed employees, on the other hand, can provide the same level of security for your company without running the risk of violence.

Unarmed Security is best when the security Threat is low

You only require armed guards if you are at risk of a potential robbery, violence, life threat, etc. Otherwise, unarmed guards can fulfil your need. 

Following are the scenarios where there is a lesser security threat:

  • – Corporate security settings
  • – Retail loss prevention
  • – Traffic control
  • – General surveillance

Unarmed security guards are Cost Effective

FYI, unarmed guards not only provide the same level of services as armed guards but also are quite cost-effective for you to hire. On the other hand, armed guards can cost you a lot due to the following reasons:

  • – Insurance
  • – Licensing
  • – Training

We Stand Ready

Well, once you arrive on a decision to hire unarmed security guards for your next event, Team Vibrant Services stands ready at your assistance. We are ready to respond, ready to build trusted relationships, and ready to deliver top-notch security services across Australia.

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