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Vibrant Services is a leader in the delivery of high quality, professional security services to both the private and public sectors. Vibrant Services prides itself on its dedication to provide a tailor made and affordable service to each of its clients, while ensuring the highest level of customer service and on-going professional solutions.

Vibrant Services is a National Company and is able to provide clients with a range of security & cleaning services across Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Queensland. To ensure your success, we have focused on the management and development of our services, doing what we do best and allowing you the freedom to do what you do best.


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Vibrant’s team focuses on continuous improvement as part of our training programs the ongoing investment into staff, facilities, education and research.



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Security Services

Vibrant’s security team has the proven infrastructure, resources and experience required to be a trusted provider of a range of security services. We are a full security partner with all the relevant experience in-house. We focus on delivering outstanding core security services supported by other risk and customer-based services. We currently operate in 6 states at various sites across the country including metropolitan, regional and remote locations. Our comprehensive service offerings are delivered to a diverse customer base including shopping centres, sports stadiums and events, port facilities, major airports, hospitals and other major events throughout Australia. We form close and enduring partnerships with our clients based on reliable performance and value for money.

We understand that one single incident could damage your brand and business. Our experience across a broad range of operational contexts, and expertise across the full spectrum of security service lines, enables us to individually tailor service solutions to fit the unique nature of the environment in which you operate. We protect our clients, their assets and patrons through a broad range of physical and electronic security solutions, including digital security, monitoring, guarding, patrols and crowd management.

Our personnel will often be the first point of contact for your customers. Customer service excellence is a recognised quality of our security team and a founding principle of our security approach. As our staff are continually in the public eye, we invest heavily in training to ensure they understand and deliver to the highest standards of customer service ensuring satisfaction is always achieved. Our customer service focus is demonstrated through our organisational structure, and our hands-on approach is a unique differentiator.

Cleaning Services

We provide a cleaning maintenance program tailored to suit the needs of our customers. From a foundation clean to a new facility to regular daily cleaning programs, we scale the services to suit the situation. We provide a single point of contact and service team, aligned to your culture and goals.

With the ability to service clients of all sizes in metropolitan, regional and remote areas, we are a trusted provider with a strong safety record. Our customised service design is benchmarked to best practice across many industries, and we continuously monitor and improve our cleaning processes. We work seamlessly within your business across compliance, safety and reporting, to ensure your environment is reliably clean and safe. Our highly skilled cleaning teams are experts in project management and logistics. As your professional, experienced and reliable cleaning partner, we create value and generate efficiencies for you to ensure that you can focus on what you do best.

Our comprehensive range of single or integrated services include:

  • Commercial and retail cleaning
  • Event and precinct cleaning
  • Ground and garden maintenance
  • Heavy and light industrial environments
  • Hygiene and washroom services
  • Pest control
  • Sterile and hygienic cleaning
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Window cleaning
Risk Management and Consulting

Security Risk Management and the assessment and evaluation of security risks plays an important role in an organisation’s wider risk management activities. The objective of effective Security Risk Management should be to improve organisational performance and manage the effect of uncertainty on an organisation. This, in turn, promotes a positive risk culture where risks and vulnerabilities are identified, assessed, communicated and managed as part of day-to-day business to a level that is As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) given the organisations’ risk tolerance, resources, and aims.

Whilst Security Risk Management is founded on the fundamentals of risk management outlined in International Standard ISO31000:2009, to be highly effective and efficient. Security Risk Management must be accompanied by a thorough understanding of current security trends and themes.

Vibrant Services team’s experience in developing security risk management practices for a diverse range of clients provides a unique insight to the various people, information, and assets that may need to be protected.

Vibrant Services’ team of industry experts have extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of international and domestic security threats and countermeasures in Security Risk Management practice across a wide range of industry sectors.

Traffic Management

Vibrant Traffic provides premier traffic management in all its facets including traffic control and traffic management planning, throughout metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria. Our highly skilled, fully-accredited traffic controllers and managers work in an efficient, competent manner ensuring the provision of a safe, industry regulated working zone as directed by our clients.

Vibrant Traffic consistently delivers a dedicated service, overseeing the safe ingress and egress of intersections, roadways and car parks at client sites with minimal disruption to traffic flow via our job site audits prior to the job’s commencement.

The flexibility of our 24 hour on-call service of accredited staff will ensure your traffic management needs are met quickly and conveniently with our ability to place a Vibrant Traffic crew at your disposal with minimal notice.

Our key services and expertise include:

  • Traffic Management Plans (TMP) – We provide VicRoads approved traffic management plans for all road site jobs ensuring minimal traffic disruptions and a safe traffic flow.
  • Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMP) – Detailed reports for comprehensive construction locations requiring complex instructions.
  • Safety Audits – Hazard analysis and OH&S procedures are applied to all jobs undertaken by Vibrant Traffic
  • Setup, Removal and Maintenance – Our experienced team will provide the necessary personnel and equipment for any job from start to completion.
  • 24 Hour Service and Emergency Jobs – You can rely on Vibrant Traffic to handle all your job requests, no matter how last minute they may be, 7 days a week.
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Traffic Management – We can facilitate jobs from as short as a day, to the ongoing management of contracts over several years.
  • Event Management – Providing traffic management around round closures, crowd management, major event management, site surveying and construction.
  • Staff Hire – All our personnel are exceptional in the provision of traffic services made possible through our ongoing training programs ensuring their qualifications and credentials remain up to date and in line with industry standards. OH&S and First Aid facilitators regularly brief our staff of the industry’s code of conduct and requirements.
Facilities Management

We ensure your customers, guests, employees, patients, residents, patrons or students have a great experience.

Our clients trust us to manage single premises to a national portfolio of buildings and facilities, with full operational responsibility. From long term infrastructure planning to day-to-day services, we aim to make your buildings and facilities smarter, greener, safer and more efficient. We deliver to our clients’ requirements whether that be single service, multiple service or a public-private partnership. Our comprehensive facilities services include:

  • Accommodation management
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Car park management
  • Cleaning and housekeeping
  • Concierge & mailroom
  • Energy efficiency and environmental management
  • Event management
  • Fleet management
  • Food service
  • Grounds and gardens management
  • Facility management
  • Linen, laundry and uniform services
  • Maintenance services
  • Mechanical and electrical services
  • Patient management
  • Pest control
  • Security services
  • Strategic asset management
  • Venue management
  • Waste management
Technology and Innovation

Vibrant Security provides tailored and secure technology solutions for businesses in retail, defence, education, healthcare, marine and other sectors to ensure staff safety and maintain secure access. With smarter solutions to your security, Vibrant’s technology equipment and solutions are fully tailored to meet your needs. For consultancy, digital surveillance and video management (CCTV) and access control systems, your safety is with Vibrant.

Vibrant Security is an industry leader and one of Australia’s top provider of physical security solutions. Now with the addition of an electronic security solutions capability, we can provide that same level of safety and service with technology: utilising industry leading management and control systems to keep you protected.

Vibrant provide a comprehensive technological solution to meet your needs. Our solutions are platform agnostic and this allows us to ensure the best solution for our client’s specific risks. The available services mean that we can provide a completely tailored solution for your business needs, whether it is digital surveillance surrounding your premises or full security solutions package with consultancy, we are able to develop the solution for your needs and budget.

Training and Development

We have a practice of on-going training designed to help individuals reach their full potential and become experts in their trade.

Dependent on your facility and requirements, the team carrying out your services will be qualified in the following as appropriate.

  • Customer service training
  • Site specific training
  • Loss prevention and theft screening
  • Counter terrorism awareness
  • Security awareness
  • Loss prevention
  • First Aid Certificate training
  • Security office training
  • Emergency management and incident management
  • Conflict resolution


Vibrant trainers are continuously revising their training programs to guarantee that the latest in compliance, technology, equipment, standards and processes are instructed.

Vibrant’s team focuses on continuous improvement as part of our training programs the ongoing investment into staff, facilities, education and research. Benefits of our training program includes access to security professionals who have worked at the highest level in private sector, government and military, allowing for tangible and a fact-based approach. This allows the participants to gain both academic and scenario-based experience.